Chemical / Fertiliser / Salt

The chemical, fertiliser and salt industries all have need for specialised vibratory equipment. Due to corrosive, abrasive and often hydroscopic materials, stainless steel is widely used as a building material or liner.

Feeders for Chemical Plants

Materials in these industries are not processed on enourmous scales and the equipment doesn't have to be made for extra heavy duties. Generally, feeders are lighter in construction but have features or design elements not usually found in the other industries.

Depending on the material, vibratory feeders either need large strokes to free sticky material or smaller movement for finer feed rate control.

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Screens for Chemical Plants

Fertiliser Screen

Strict quality control puts additional requirements on vibratory screens in these industries. Processing plants need the product to be certain sizes in order to not affect the complicated downstream equipment. Screens need to be sized and designed appropriately in order to achieve this.

De-watering is a critical function of screens in these industries. Heavily inclined or declined screens with draining holes are used in the de-watering process. The use of special screening mediums is not uncommon in order to fulfil the necessary process requirements.

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Conveyors for Chemical Plants

Chemical Conveyor

Due to the special process requirements in these industries, vibratory conveyors are often used instead of belt, screw or chain alternatives. Vibratory conveyors are easy to clean and maintain; provide a gentle movement and can isolate product from contamination or dust creation.

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Bin Activators for Chemical Plants

Bin activators help withdraw material from storage and provide a much required service for bulk stored chemical product.

Chemical product can easily absorb moisture, rat hole or bridge in a hopper and the persistent gently vibration of a bin activator can go a long way to preventing material blockages.

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Fluidised Bed Coolers for Chemical Plants

Bed coolers serve two functions on the chemical industry; one is to transport material along a processing plant and the other is to change the temperature. They work well with soft product usually found in this industry as the vibration used is gentle. Contamination from coolant or other heat exchangers is minimised as air is the only medium that cools the product.

Due to the ability to pulse, fluidised bed coolers can break loose typical sticky product that is found in chemical and similar industries.

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Spiral Elevators for Chemical Plants

Spiral elevators can perform similar functions to fluidised bed coolers in that they can transport material as well as perform auxiliary processes such as heating or cooling.

Elevating chemical product sometimes requires a full stainless steel surface which a spiral elevator can provide. They are also able to be fully sealed to prevent from any contamination.

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