Food / Pharmaceutical

Heavy regulations provide challenges in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Vibratory equipment used in these industries provides a hygienic and easy to clean environment which eases stress on equipment operators.

Duties in these industries are quite light. The focus is more on efficiency, quality finishes and smooth transitions.

Feeders for Food / Pharmaceutical

In food and pharmaceutical processing plants, vibratory feeders need to have a precise feed rate control. This is to ensure that mixes and distributions are exactly as specified. Surfaces in contact with the material is almost always stainless steel. In some cases, support frames are also made from hygienic materials to avoid any doubt.

Food grade plastic liners are used in some applications to assist in material flow.

Drive systems are mostly direct drive or electromagnetic.

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Screens for Food / Pharmaceutical

As with feeders, precision is an important factor in the manufacture of food and pharmaceuticals. Food screens usually have smaller apertures and run slower to ensure all material is properly sized.

Screening mediums are usually stainless steel or food grade plastics.

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Conveyors for Food / Pharmaceutical

Food ConveyorStainless steel vibratory conveyors are used to simply transport material. The vibration is a gently movement that can even be used on products like Cornflakes without any damage.

Open troughs are hygienic and extremely easy to clean. Lengths of up to 20 meters can be supplied which eliminates the need for constant transition points.

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Spiral Elevators for Food / Pharmaceutical

Spiral elevators are a low maintenance, easy to clean alternative to bucket elevators. Due to the large travel area they can also heat or cool the product as it is conveyed.

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