Vibratory equipment is used in the foundry industry in the following ways:

Feeders for Foundry

Vibratory feeders are durable and resistant to heat which makes them suitable to pass metal and additives into furnaces. Concentrated sub resonant drive systems are ideal for this task as they provide a fine feed rate control and all sensitive electrics are away from high heat areas.

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Screens for Foundry

Foundry shaker on site

Screens are used in the reclamation of foundry sand and cleaning of castings. Vibratory shakers are screens that clean castings of sand. The removal of metal impurities from castings can also be achieved by vibratory screens.

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Conveyors for Foundry

Foundry conveyor on site

Due to the hot temperatures found in foundries, alternative conveying machines like belts and screws struggle to provide a satisfactory service life. Vibratory conveyors are resistant to high temperatures and provide the ability to install wear resistant liners to increase life spans.

Foundries rarely need conveyors in excess of 20m which is ideal for single vibratory conveyors with a sub resonant drive system.

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Spiral Elevators for Foundry

Foundry spiral elevator on site

Foundry spiral elevators are used in the reclamation of sand. They provide an efficient and cost effective solution to elevate bulk foundry sand for further refining.

They can also provide secondary processes such as cooling the product which it is being elevated.

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