Vibratory equipment is used extensively in the mining industry. Heavy duty machines are generally found on mine sites but light duty applications such as pilot, sample station and proving plants also require gear.

Feeders for Mining

Mining Feeder

Feeders are used to withdraw material from hoppers, silos and stockpiles. They are also used as receivers from dump trucks and front end loaders. Sub-resonant drive types are a standard in feeders for this industry due to the heavy nature of mining processes.

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Screens for Mining

Mining Screen

Screens are used to size, separate, scalp, de-water and de-dust mined ores. Traditionally, large direct drive screens with external motors are used to size particles. Screens usually have multiple decks and use screening mediums such as polyurethane panels (tensioned or wedged) or high tensile woven wire.

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Conveyors for Mining

Belts are generally used instead of vibratory conveyors to transport material over large distances. Vibrating conveyors serve a purpose in specialised mining operations where dust suppression or liquid proof transportation methods are crucial.

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Bin Activators and Stockpile Dischargers for Mines

Bin Activators are used in mines underneath hoppers or silos to discharge ores that may contain moisture or otherwise be difficult to remove. Stockpile Dischargers operate in a similar way underneath stockpiles. This equipment is only generally used on hard to discharge materials as dry ores usually have no issues with material withdrawal.

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