Quarry / Mineral Processing

Mineral processing plants and quarries have very specialised uses for vibratory equipment. The variety of different minerals and metals that are processed all have different requirements where vibratory equipment can excel.

Feeders for Mineral Processing Plants

Mineral shaker on site

Quarries rely on heavy duty feeders to receive material from dump trucks or front end loaders. This equipment must be able to withstand the heavy impact loading and then feed material for further processing.

Twin mass drive systems excel at receiving heavy head loads as they do not bog down like directly driven feeders.

Mineral processing plants generally do not require such heavy feeders as the product is already screened or crushed. Generally, a finer control is required for material in this industry.

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Screens for Mineral Processing

You will not see a quarry without a vibratory screen. Crushed product is always sized using screens. Screening mediums are chosen depending on the application and type of product. Common types include polyurethane tensioned panels, polyurethane panels, high tensile woven wire and perforated plate.

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Conveyors for Mineral Processing

Vibratory conveyors are generally used in mineral processing either for the purpose of dust suppression or to provide a higher tolerance for abrasive materials.

Tubular conveyors are quite common as they provide a low cost conveyor that will suppress dust and allow for tube rotation to increase life.

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Spiral Elevators for Mineral Processing

Spiral elevators for mineral processing materials provide a similar solution as conveyors; they allow to transport material and suppress dust and minimise wear.

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