Timber / Wood Chips

Timber material generally has a lower bulk density than some of the other industries. It has a high moisture content and can excrete chemicals which makes it a challenging material to design vibratory equipment for.

Wood chips also provide soft, sharp edges which can easily get caught in screening media.

Feeders for Timber Processing

Vibratory feeders are used to evenly distribute and uniformly convey smaller pieces of timber and wood chips into processing equipment.

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Screens for Timber Processing

Scalping and sizing are two common functions in the wood chip industry. Screens need to have a screening media that will help prevent blinding.

Sub resonant drive systems are suitable for screens for these industries due to the fact that when 'pulsed', they remove a lot of blinded particles from apertures.

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Conveyors for Timber Processing

As timber processing plants generally have large layouts, vibratory conveyors need to cover a larger distance. Natural frequency conveyors are used for this purpose to transport material over distances higher than 20m.

Sub resonant drive systems are also used and provide a nice 'pulse' feature which will help clean trough surfaces of any stuck material.

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Spiral Elevators for Timber Processing

Spiral elevator for wood chips

Spiral elevators are used for wood processing when material needs to be lifted either for storage or for further processing. This form of vertical elevation is efficient and low maintenance.

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