Fluidised Bed Coolers

Rendering of a fluidised bed cooler.

Vibratory fluidised bed coolers provide a reliable and efficient method of air cooling, heating or drying bulk materials. They are essentially vibratory conveyors with perforated bottom plates. Ambient, cooled or heated air is passed through the holes in the plates under pressure and cools (or heats) the product as it is conveyed.

The air is passed through the unit at a velocity that will support the weight of the particles which creates a fluidised state in the bulk material.

Vibratory fluidised bed coolers have the following advantages:

Build materials include mild, stainless or wear resistant steels such as bisalloys. In chemical applications it is common to have stainless steel troughs and perforated plates. Mild or stainless steel covers are available. Wear resistant troughs are made for highly abrasive materials.

Drive systems are generally sub resonant. This is due to the travel time required to create a meaningful heat transfer can only be achieved on longer units. Another advantage of this drive system is the conveying speed can be tuned for most efficient product output.

The perforated medium can be made from a variety of materials including stainless or mild steel perforated plates, woven wire mesh and perforated rubber or plastics.

Lining can be achieved through wear resistant steels, slippery plastics or ultra durable rubber.

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